Comedy – Why I hate it

I love watching movies. What teenage guy doesn’t? But, I am, well, unusual. Sure, I like action and violence filled movies, just like most guys. But I also like dramas, thrillers, suspense, and even the occasional love story. But, two types of movies I don’t like seem to be the two types of movies that all my friends (ie; my gender and close to my age) love. These are Comedy (Ted, That’s my Boy, The Dictator, etc.) and Slashers (Scream, Saw, Friday the 13th, etc.). In this blog, I am going to be focusing on comedies, and why I don’t like them.

Reason #1: Sexual Content. Just about every comedy movie today is rated R, and for good reason. The sexual content is nearly non-stop. Almost every gag revolves around talk of sex, sexual activity, and other despicable variations. Many, dare I say most, include graphic depictions of said activity. Sex and anatomy are treated as nothing more than cheap humor and sickening gags by these movies, degrading and numbing the mind into believing this. I see no need to fill my head with perversions, graphic images, and disgusting speech, theme, and thought filled with both.

Reason #2: Stupidity. These movies are so incredibly stupid! Every character is made to look like a complete idiot. We laugh at that. Why? Idiocy in America is a problem, not a dismissable laugh. People are stupid, and so Hollywood makes movies to entertain these people, leaving the rest of us to wonder what ever happened to good comedy. But, movies hold more influence than you might think. In fact, I highly recommend you read this article before continuing. If you don’t, you will not understand why the idiocy in these movies is so important.

(Warning: Contains some language)

Hopefully you read this, and you can now continue on. Do you see why idiocy is so important now? The stupid characters, jokes, and slap-stick humor have way more influence on you then you think. Stupidity is already a problem, and these movies do nothing but feed more of it into your mind.

Reason #3: Drugs. Comedy movies are full of stupidity, sex, and, yes, drugs. Name one comedy you have seen recently that didn’t have any mention of drugs. In fact, name one that didn’t have a single scene with some sort of drug being sniffed, smoked, or inhaled in bongs. Even “light” comedies, such as Paul Blart: Mall Cop have alcohol in them (remember when Paul gets drunk and goes on a rampage?). Again, this content has more effect on the way you think than you think. It degrades the negativity of drugs and alcohol, making it look funny and fun. The hangovers look funny, the drug-highs look great, and they have no negative effects on the characters. Well, that’s not real, and that common belief traces back to way #5 in the article above, “You cannot separate fact from fiction”.

Reason #4: They aren’t funny. Look at all the above reasons, and tell me why any of them are funny. Sex, anatomy, and so on is not funny. Homosexuality, Beastuality, and other perversions are exactly that: Perversions. They are not funny. Idiocy is not funny. If I am face-palming through an entire movie, it is not funny. It is stupid. The encouragement of sex and drugs is not funny. It is harmful. It is degrading. It is stupid.

The world and society throws enough stupidity at me every day. I don’t need anymore. Why do I need to pay money to go see in a theater what I can go see in Walmart, or on the news? Stupidity is everywhere, and the last thing I want to do is pay to see even more of it.

Author’s note: If you aren’t sure about a movie, check out this site before you go and see it: They have solid reviews and warnings about any movie you might be planning on seeing.


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