Marriage and Our Culture

This past week, the Supreme Court made a ruling that redefines marriage. Marriage, they say, is not defined as between a man and a woman. Therefore, homosexual marriage is perfectly legal as defined by law. What the Supreme Court failed to realize is they have no say in what the definition of marriage is. No man, woman, child, or human institution, including the church, has any power, any say, over what marriage is. I know you have all heard before, that Biblical marriage is between a man and a woman. Yes, this is true. But what I have wondered, over and over, is something many do not think about.

One of the primary arguments for gay marriage is that the church has no place in government. Now think about that for a moment. Where did marriage come from? Did it not come from God, from the Bible, in the first place? Marriage is a holy unity of a man and a woman, according to the Bible. If the Church, and consequently the Bible, have no place in government, then marriage has no place in the government. Marriage is of the Bible! Why would two homosexual people want to get married, under the same Book of Law that says their lifestyle is wrong? The same book that says they cannot get married? If you want nothing to do with the Word of God, then you should want nothing to do with marriage! It is simple as that! Marriage is of the Bible, defined by the Bible, and therefore has no place in the lives of people who reject the Bible’s laws.

Now, this does not mean that non-Christians cannot get married. But, think for a moment. If two non-Christians are going to get married, then they need to do it according to the Bible, which is what defines marriage. This means no premarital sex. This means that you must be one man and one woman. Not two men. Not two women. Not two men and one woman. One man. One woman. This also means that you are married permanently, for better or for worse. Divorce is only acceptable in extreme conditions, says the Bible. If you are not going to follow these laws of marriage, then there is no point in getting married. If you do not follow these laws, then it is not marriage. Government has no authority over the Bible. They cannot redefine marriage, because no one can. God will not either. His word stands eternal.

So, America, my message to you is this: You cannot pick and choose what parts of the Bible you like, and then dump the rest of it. You cannot redefine the Bible. You either accept the Bible for what it is, for all that it is, and accept all of it, or you deny the Bible’s authority, and deny all of it. Make your choice.


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