Everyone has a disease, now. I look around and see ADD, ADHD, Social Anxiety, and countless other “diseases” that didn’t exist twenty years ago. I see councilors and therapists driving Mercedes and Beamers because of these diseases. I see the corruption of their tactics, as they take as long as they can to “cure” their patients, just so they can make more money off of the parents. The children are spoiled, because they are “special needs”. The only special need they have is a good spanking and a solid “No” answer. Let’s go disease by disease here.

Technical name: Attention Deficit (Hyper) Disorder. Real name: Lack of Self Control.  Everyone has ADD to a certain extent. We are humans, and we are easily distracted by shiny objects. It is just who we are. It is not some disease, some mutation, that we have. It is not some special need. It is the result of not being taught self control. And it is the parents job to teach this, not some councilor or therapist. They are the ones who tell us that it is a disease. I say bull. It’s human nature, a nature that needs to be taught (or, in some cases, beat) out of us.

Technical name: Social Anxiety Disorder. Real name: Social Awkwardness.                       Again, this is something that we all have to a certain extent. It is just your basic fear of failure, not some disease that needs treatment. This is natural in all humans, everyone who is born into a sinful world. Just certain personalities have this fear more than others. It is nothing to be ashamed of, and anyone can overcome it, it just takes hard work and encouragement from others, not some medication. I should know, I have this fear of failure as well, though certainly not nearly as much as I used to. That is because I have worked hard to overcome it, with the help and encouragement of my friends.

Now, I know there are a lot of real mental problems in this world. There are many retarded kids, kids and teens who just don’t quite get it, kids and teens who are violent because of this. They do need help, but medication is only a temporary fix. Sometimes, nothing can “fix” them, and you just have to trust that God has some purpose for letting them live like this. It is a fallen world, and it has many problems. But don’t try to explain every sin, every aspect of human nature, whether natural or not, as some disease. Do not cover up guilt and conscience with medication and feel good therapy. Parents, do your job as parents, and don’t let someone else who only cares about their pocketbook do it for you, and do a terrible job at that. Tell your child “No”, and punish them when they do wrong. I don’t care what kind of so called “disease” or mental problems they have, good parenting is never a bad thing, no matter what your therapist tells you. They may hate you for it. I know I hated my parents for punishing me. But, I think I turned out alright, and I love my parents. Don’t let therapists tell you how to parent your child. Don’t let them turn the next generation into a bunch of uncontrollable babies who can’t deal with life because they were never taught how. Don’t let that happen. It’s not too late.


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