Violence and our Culture

In the past two years, I have seen more incidents of shootings or bombings than I have seen my entire life before that. I remember Columbine High School. I remember 9/11, and the horror and tragedy of both those days. But, since then, nothing had happened. Security tightened at schools and airports alike, as Americans swore this would never happen again. Terrorists were hunted across the globe, a quest for vengeance and justice. So, we had a time of peace, of a dull nothing, with isolated incidents and threats being ignored by the media. We had no more terror on American soil, and we were content with that. Perhaps too content.

So, when the shootings started, Americans were shocked. We didn’t know how to respond, other than the mourning of those lost. The Fort Hood shooting left us numb, wondering how this could happen once again on American soil. Not too long after, The Dark Knight shooting in Aurora, Colorado once again rocked the world. At this point, questions of gun control began to rise. How could we let psychopaths and terrorists alike get their hands on high capacity, automatic weapons? These debates were still beginning when the worst shooting in 30 years time occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary. 26 people dead, and of those, 20 were children, innocent children with their whole lives ahead of them. Children who did not deserve to die, but did because of the sins of one man. How soon after was gun control put to the top of the debate list of our officials? Too soon. Debates rage on as the Boston Marathon Bombing takes place. And all of these I remember clearly. No fuzziness, like those memories of 9/11 or Columbine. I remember these clearly because they all happened very recently. So why the sudden rise in violence, in acts of terror and insanity?

Many people blame guns. I say, don’t blame the tool, blame the user. Guns are dangerous. They kill people, yes. Scissors are dangerous. they kill people, yes. Stoves are dangerous. They hurt people, yes. Cars are dangerous. They kill people, yes. Are we just going to ban all of these things? No. When a tool is misused for violence, whether it is purposeful or an accident, no one blames the tool. Unless that tool is a gun. Perhaps it is because guns are designed to kill. Cars are not designed to kill. Scissors are not designed to kill. So, because the purpose of guns IS to kill, people get scared, and look at the gun as a device of violence, something that should be banned. But think about this. If guns are banned, the only people who will have guns are police, criminals, terrorists, and psychopaths. Criminals could care less about law. They will get their guns whether it’s legal or not. Not only that, but this is taking government control too far. The Government should fear the people, not vice versa. Banning guns is not the solution. Making new gun laws is not the solution. We already have gun laws! Making new ones is completely pointless if you’re not going to reinforce them. Reinforce the ones we already have! And do not infringe upon our basic second amendment rights. It will do nothing but harm us. Guns are not the problem here, people are the problem.

And what do I mean by that, exactly? Well, think about it. Why are people the problem? Why would someone murder children? What kind of monster could shoot up a theater, a military base, or bomb a marathon? A walking bag of chemicals, that’s who. Education is the problem. Every day, kids, teens, and adults alike are bombarded with evolution. We are told by teachers, media, the internet, the government, and people around us that we are nothing but a product of chance, a monkey that, by a stroke of pure luck, emerged from a massive explosion, caused by gases who’s creation is unexplainable. We are told that we are just walking bags of chemicals. We are nothing but evolved slime. So, let me ask you this: If we are just evolved slime, and our existence is due to an accident, an event of pure chance, why should we care? Why is it such a tragedy when 26 of us walking accidents die? If our existence is due to merely chance, then Two-Face had it right when he said that “Chance is the only moral in this cruel world”. With these teachings of evolution and the big-bang theory, life is degraded. We are nothing more then animals who shouldn’t exist, they tell us. We have no meaning, no purpose in living. So why should we care who lives or dies? Why should we care when people get shot and killed? Why should we care when children are shot and killed? Evolution tells us we shouldn’t. Evolution strips away morality, degrades the value of human life to nothing, and then tells us that we shouldn’t kill people? Why? There is no logical reason that we shouldn’t! If evolution is true, then we should not care! We have no reason to behave any better than animals! Morals have no place here!

Yet, something inside us tells us that we should. Something inside us tells us that killing is wrong. It also tells us lying, stealing, and hurting is wrong. This is what we call a conscience, and I will tell you one thing: conscience is not a result of chance. The human mind is not the result of chance. In fact, the likelihood of the human brain emerging from spacedust is one in five hundred trillion. Yet, this is the theory they want you to believe? They tell you that chance beat theses odds? I think not. Chance had nothing to do with our creation. I’m not going into a debate about who or what created us, that’s for another time. But the fact that we were created by a greater power, and eternal power, is undeniable. Pride just gets in the way, and people want to believe that we created ourselves, that we are the greatest species. They don’t want there to be a greater power, so they deny it’s existence, even though they know it’s true. If there is a greater power, though. Because there is a greater power, a Heaven and Hell, a life after death, we should care. We should mourn those lost, and teach those who hurt and kill that it is wrong. Because we were created, suddenly we have a purpose in life! We have a reason to live! Suddenly, there is a reason that it is wrong to kill people! Yet, this is the teaching that we never hear, I fear even from churches. And it is because of this that violence is still rising. It’s not the gun’s fault. It’s society’s fault. It’s the people who refuse to admit that there is a God, and constantly bombard us with moral-degrading crap to try and convince us otherwise. Don’t blame the gun, blame evolution.


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