New York Part 2

I promised pictures, so here you go. This blog gives the details about where we went and when, and has a lot of pictures.

And as for funny stories, let’s get started. I told you in my last blog that the story about someone getting left on the subway was for later. It’s time for that story. If you want to check the blog I posted above, it happened on Day 8, though the blog says nothing about it. I was in the group that went to Central Park, then onto Little Italy and Chinatown that day. When we arrived at Central Park, a small group of us (One of our sponsors, Jerry, as well as his son, Truett, and two others, Caitlin and Lucas) split and went to the Metropolitan Art Museum while the rest of us enjoyed Central Park and shopping in Little Italy. They planned to meet back with us later near Little Italy.

So after they were finished at the Art Museum, they hopped on the nearest subway to Little Italy. Or, so was the plan. They got to the subway station, and I guess Truett saw a street performer. So, he was watching him play, and as the subway pulled in to the station, Truett flipped the guy a quarter. Except the quarter didn’t quite make it into the guy’s hat. So, Truett bent over to pick it up, put it in the hat, and then turned around in time to see the subway doors closing with the rest of his group inside. They looked around, suddenly noticing that Truett was not with them, and then looked out the window to see Truett’s face pressed up against with a “oops” (Emoticon: :O) look on his face. Then the subway took off, leaving Truett at the station. Three stories underground, cell phone reception is a joke, so they had to wait until the next stop to call Truett. His dad, Jerry, instructed him to get on the last car of the next train, and meet them at the next stop. Truett did exactly as his dad said. Little did they know that only the front half of that subway train was stopping at the next stop. So, all they see is Truett’s face (again with the :O) pressed against the window flying by at 60 MPH. The quick thinking kids decided to catch the last car of the next subway, and meet Truett at the NEXT stop. As they were coming to a halt at the next station, they see a blur of orange (the color shirt we were wearing that day) running alongside the car to make sure that he didn’t lose them again. Now that they were finally reunited with Truett, they caught the next subway to Little Italy, and had a story to tell… That was probably the funniest story of the week.

Another interesting story happened on the bus. Many strange and interesting things happen at the two tables in the back of the bus. This one in particular attracted the attention of the entire bus. A couple of the guys, Adam and Dylan, were arm wrestling. But not just any arm wrestling. The grunting and shouting reached the front of the bus, and the arm wrestle probably lasted for a good three minutes. Their faces sort of reminded me of this:

Pretty soon, half the bus was back their shouting along with them, rooting for one or the other. It was pretty hilarious, and I’m glad our bus driver didn’t crash due to the screaming. He probably wondered what in Heaven’s name was going on back there, though. In the end, I believe Adam won. This started a series of arm wrestles, but none of them were anywhere near the intensity of Adam and Dylan’s…

My final funny story consists of “things Andy said”. Just a few funny comments that Andy, our trip clown, made. The first memorable one was when we saw this bike on the sidewalk:Image

And Andy said, “Looks like someone did too many wheelies.”

The next one was after going to the Broadway show “Phantom of the Opera” (which was, by far, the most amazing one you will ever see). If you know the story, then you probably felt sorry for the Phantom in the end. Andy sort of ruined that, though, by noticing, “You know, everyone feels sorry for the Phantom in the end. But, if you think about it, he killed six people. I think he kind of got what was coming to him.”

One night, we went on a midnight walk through Times Square (our hotel, Hotel Edison, was less than a block away). We went to a few shops, and on the way back, we passed a McDonalds. The smell drafting out of it was that of marijuana. I noticed this, and was wondering what exactly that McDonalds was cooking up, when Andy asked, “How do you know what marijuana smells like?” I looked at him, and said “Have you ever been to my old neighborhood?” His eyes got a bit wider, and he said “Yes, actually. All is explained.” (No, I have never smoked or done anything like that with marijuana. However, I had neighbors who did…).

I’m sure there were other funny stories that I haven’t been told yet, but that’s what I have for now. I’ll probably do one more post with some final thoughts and reflections on the trip later.



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