New York, New York

On May 28th, I am leaving on a mission trip to New York with my church youth choir. During the two weeks I am there, I will not have my laptop, so no blog updates. I would like to explain a little bit about what we do, and why. Our mission is to bring hope and salvation to those who are broken, and perhaps hopeless. We sing at Juvenile Detention centers around the country, every year going to a different part of the country on our mission trip. This year’s is, obviously, New York. We sing at these detention centers, not for our own gain, but that we may bring honor to God, and hopefully bring the message of truth to the detainees. We usually sing about 12 or 13 songs, all of them songs of hope and encouragement, and we also do a stomp performance (Basically like the Blue man Group. If you don’t know who they are, look them upon Youtube. They are amazing.). I play the trashcans in the stomp part of our concert, and it is a blast. I know that everyone watching enjoys it just as much as those of us playing it. At the end of our concert, our director, Brother James, will talk to the detainees for a few minutes, telling them about Jesus and the salvation He offers. It is really cool. Singing is basically our entire mission. We will usually sing at whatever restaurant we eat dinner at, though only one or two songs, as long as the manager allows it. We also go sightseeing, and usually sing in front of monuments and other landmarks. It is fun, because it’s basically a mission trip and vacation all in one. And we also bring a message, and entertainment, everywhere we go. So, now that you know why I won’t be posting for a couple of weeks, I hope you’ll forgive me, and I hope you will do mission work during this time as well, no matter where you are or what you do. It will bring joy to both yourself and everyone around you, I guarantee it!


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