The Bible and our world

If God was not real, how would my views be different? Let me see: I would have no problem with homosexuals. We are all just accidents right? How can there be a right or a wrong? What’s wrong with abortion? Again, why should there be a right or a wrong? Why not legalize murder, drugs, assault? Why would we need a government at all? Why should we act civilized? The answer: We have no motive to. We have no reason, no purpose. We are no better than animals. Yet, people who hurt or kill other people are punished. People who steal, lie, cheat, break, or abuse are punished. Why? We have morals. Where do these morals come from? God. The Bible. People say the Bible is just an old book full of rules, with no relevance to today. I dare them to actually read it, to see the striking similarity in culture of it’s day and ours. I dare them to read the rules, the laws it lays down. These are not just rules we have to follow for no apparent reason. These laws are to BETTER MANKIND! By following these rules, these laws of the Bible, do we do harm? Does it make us in any way worse as a people? No. Does it offend? It shouldn’t. Only selfish sinners, who want their way, not God’s, would be offended by it. The Bible was not written to offend, hurt, or in any way punish. It was written to better us as a people. If we follow it, we follow God. If we follow God, we become more like God. I do not see how that should harm or offend any. If God is real, then His book must be followed, not only by the Church, but also by the Government, the Military, the Corporations, and EVERY LIVING PERSON! If God is real, then the Bible should be your life. Does it say to love people? Yes. Do I hate murderers, liars, thieves, and homosexuals? No. I have prayed for Jodi Arias, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, even Kermit Gosnell. Not judgement, but for salvation. Do they deserve death? The Bible says they do (Romans 6:23). Do they deserve salvation? The Bible says they don’t (Romans 3:23). Yet, although we do not deserve salvation, God offers it through Jesus Christ (John 3:16). That kind of love deserves a response, a response of obedience and action. It is also a just love. Yes, God loves everyone. What He hates is their sin. Our sin. He does not hate the sinner, He hates the sin. He hates thievery, He hates lying, He hates killing, He hates homosexuality. Read any of Paul’s letters for proof of this. Just as a Father loves his son, and punishes his son when the child does wrong, so also is God’s love for us. He hates our sin, and offers the only way out of it: Jesus. But this forgiveness is only given to those who repent. Those who are too prideful, too arrogant, will feel God’s wrath in the end. But, if God isn’t real, none of this matters. This post doesn’t matter. So just keep browsing. I’ve just completely wasted a few minutes of your time with idiotic fear-mongering. But if God is real, and if He really does love us that much, it demands action.


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