I have had friends (guys), more than once, ask me things like “Which of your female friends is the hottest?” or “sexiest”. My answer is usually something like “I don’t know” or (sarcastically) “You are”. “I don’t know” truly is an honest answer though. Unlike many guys, I think of girls as people, not objects. When talking about girls, questions guys get asked, or ask each other, most often revolve around the girl’s breasts, sex, and perhaps a rating from 1 to 10 of how hot she is. Very rarely do guys talk about a girl’s personality, her sense of adventure, how friendly she is, etc. You know what guys? I’ve got news for you: your bodies are not permanent, nor is the girl’s. That “insane rack” will not last forever. Her personality? That will. A girl should not be judged by her outwards appearance. So, guys, next time you’re hanging out, talking about a girl or girls, think about this: if the girl you are talking about is your future wife, would she feel that you respected her in your conversation? If she was there, in the group, would you talk about her the same way? If not, then maybe something is wrong.


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